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Alexander Levanic – Expert for materials and non-destructive testing technology

The Austrian-born entrepreneur Alexander Levanic and his employees work all over the world. As a certified expert for materials and non-destructive testing technology, he not only inspects and assesses industrial plants and constructions, but also advises on the planning of large projects and accompanies them until completion.

Since 2017, his portfolio has also included the use of drones to perform non-destructive testing in hard-to-reach or potentially hazardous areas and facilities. This includes offshore and energy facilities as well as industrial plants and constructions.

He learned his handicraft from the bottom up, and one can conclude by observing experts like Alexander Levanic that investing in himself, in the form of continuous training, is a wise decision. For many years, he was responsible for extensive projects abroad, mainly in Asia, for a large company. He gained experience and expanded his network.

In 2015, the decision was made to found his own company to support large projects worldwide as a consultant with his knowledge and know-how. The next step was the assessor training and the subsequent certification.

A look at the website of his company, L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO., LDT (https://la-wwic.com), shows the variety of possibilities to utilise his skills and knowledge.

Working with drones has also opened up new areas of impact. For example, with aerial photography of disaster areas, to support rescue operations and documentation for insurance companies.

Synergies of competence create trust and ensure the quality.

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