Inspection of Industrial plants

The inspection of industrial plants is cost-intensive due to the downtime which may often be necessary for this purpose. Plant inspections with drones offer a considerably more cost-efficient and faster alternative. Many areas of industrial plants can also be reached and inspected with the help of drones.

L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD assists you with all of your maintenance strategies such as servicing, inspection, repair, elimination of weak spots. We use high-resolution cameras mounted to drones for this purpose, which achieve a resolution of ½ mm per pixel. With this professional sensor technology, even the smallest damage can be detected with the help of drones. With RGB and infrared cameras, damage can be found in areas which are difficult to access and, to some extent, invisible to the human eye.

The major advantage:  L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD  only employs trained expert staff to operate the drones, cameras and laser scanners and to evaluate the photographs in a professional manner.

L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD offers you extensive technical equipment which is perfectly adapted for use with our flying robots. We are able to support your project in the best way possible.

The advantages of the inspection with drones

Save time and costs by using drones

ndustrial inspections can be tedious, time-consuming and costly. Part of the plants to be inspected need to be taken out of operation.

The consequence: Interruptions due to lengthy downtimes cause high costs and restrict operation.

Quick and uncomplicated inspections can be performed with the help of drones. Compared to conventional methods i.e. using helicopters, industrial climbers and rope access technology, scaffolding, cranes, etc. the use of drones is much more time-efficient. The inspections with drones are thus more cost-efficient and faster. The shorter duration of the inspection also means that downtimes are considerably shorter.

Especially in the industry, the UAV-supported inspection is of great importance. Our customers benefit from the fact that many plants and building constructions can be reached more easily with the help of drones.

Plant thermography with drones

The pilots at L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD  affix mounted thermal imaging cameras onto the drones precisely at the place of measurement. False readings and incorrect analyses are avoided in this way. This results in a detailed analysis of the plant. Thermal imaging cameras can locate and evaluate heat leaks, defective electronic components or other structural damage, for example.

The drones used demonstrate stable flight characteristics – even with strong gusts of wind. High resolution thermographic individual photographs arise from an optimal perspective thanks to the swivel-mounted camera bracket. The result: Sharp aerial images, which can be further processed following the flight, for example, for creating thermography reports according to DIN 54190 Part 1-3.

Support provided by drones during maintenance tasks

Plant construction, power plants, conveyors, mining industry or other complex large-scale plants are subject to strict safety and maintenance specifications according to DIN 31051 and must, therefore, be inspected regularly. These plants are often difficult to view or reach due to their size and infrastructure. Entire areas can be inspected quickly and accurately for damage or maintenance requirements with the help of flying robots.

All flight and position data are accurately recorded and can be conveniently compared with the image recordings and precisely analyzed following the flight. During the surveillance flight, the image information is transmitted live to a ground station (22-inchmonitor) and is at the disposal of a test engineer and the customer in real-time. Thus the pilot works closely with the customer and can react flexibly to the customer’s needs. The flying robot can patrol a pre-programmed route completely autonomously. If radio communication with the pilot is interrupted once, the device will return to its point of departure by itself. Collisions and accidents can thus be excluded as far as possible

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