Non destructive testing

Non-destructive testing from L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD – ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment by detecting defects before they result in severe damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

From construction sites, pipelines and refineries to shipyards and nuclear power plants, you need to monitor and improve the reliability of your processes and equipment. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services offer you complete or sample examination of your assets, using well-designed procedures and highly trained and certified NDT inspectors. As a result, we can provide you with complete and valuable data, enabling you to make informed asset management decisions.


Why choose Non-Destructive Testing from L.A-WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD?

We offer you effective NDT methods to investigate the integrity of your equipment and assets. Our comprehensive range of NDT methods can help you:

-)Monitor the integrity of your assets using intrusive or non-intrusive methods
-)Detect defects and irregularities before they result in severe damage or non-compliance
-) Save time and money through fast and effective testing of your assets and equipment at every stage of their Lifespan – from manufacturing through to on-site operation
-) Ensure safe and reliable operation of your facilities

With worldwide service our qualified and certified inspectors provide NDT in accordance with international standards.  We can provide world-class non-destructive testing expertise and a local service, close to your operations – wherever and whenever you need them.

Once they are in operation, defective parts can be costly and time consuming to repair. To help you avoid these extra costs and time, we perform a visual inspection of welds to find and determine small defects.

 Our certified welding inspectors are well trained to determine the various lengths, measurements, and quality of welded parts and components to verify that the product meets the specified requirements.

We provide visual inspection services before, during and after welding around the world. Our inspectors have extensive training and experience – making  L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD the inspection agency of choice.

 We use a whole range of proper devices, such as filled weld gauges, undercut gauges, bridge cam gauges, flashlights, rulers, as well as a magnifying glass and a camera used for documentation assistance during the product inspection. The areas of concern will be marked up so that proper repairs can be done. This process will be repeated until no further issues are found. The inspector then follows up with inspection reports that indicate findings – solutions and final results.

Surface-breaking defects in machinery can mean a shutdown in production and a loss of revenue. To help you stay up and running, as part our non-destructive testing services, L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD provides liquid penetrant testing, an inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in all nonporous materials – including metals, plastics, and ceramics. It can be applied to all non-ferrous and ferrous materials.Liquid penetrant testing follows a simple procedure:

  • A liquid with high surface-wetting characteristic is applied to the part’s surface and is given enough time to seep into surface-breaking defects.

  • The excess liquid is removed from the part’s surface.

  • A developer (powder) is applied to pull the trapped penetrant out of the defects and spread it on the surface where it can be seen.

The penetrant used is often loaded with a fluorescent dye, and the inspection is done under UV light to increase test sensitivity.

Discover Discontinuities in Ferrous Materials Before It’s Too Late. Surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferrous materials can lead to machinery and production shutdowns but are often not easy to spot in time.  L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD offers magnetic particle testing (MT)  a non-destructive testing (NDT) method for detecting discontinuities in ferrous materials. With MT  we can determine a part’s serviceability or conformity to required standards, saving you future costs and delays. Our inspectors are trained and certified in multiple standards and are capable of analyzing the best NDT method for your product.

Detecting flaws in an early stage are of utmost importance. But you don’t want the process to be time-consuming or costly. L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD offers ultrasonic testing (UT) services. UT is a conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) method. Using UT, we can detect extremely small flaws or discontinuities in a product, with only one surface required for exposure. Our equipment is portable and can provide fast and highly accurate inspections. With UT services from L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD, you can be sure of:

  • Fast, highly accurate inspections

  • Finding any flaws or discontinuities, in a product

  • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards

  • Compliance with local government and legal requirements

Our inspectors are trained and certified. They can interpret the results on-site and are able to give a fast response, enabling product comparison to the given standard so that appropriate measures can be taken.

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