Supply Chain Management

Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on our team of international experts to provide you with specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. We offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner.

We are constantly looking beyond customers’ and society’s expectations in order to deliver market leading services, wherever they are needed. As we provide specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risks, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.

As well as delivering services that promote sustainable development, our values also show a commitment to corporate sustainability. For us, sustainability is about managing a long-term profitable business while taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects we have on society. 


Supply chain management from L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD – helps you to complete your project on time and within required quality.

Whether you are involved in industrial plants, wind farms or power facilities, etc, your projects involve the complex coordination of different contractors. Our independent supervisor team can help guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with relevant international quality standards.

Why should you use supervision from L.A WWIC (TIANJIN) CO,.LTD?

We provide you professional supervisors – certified inspectors, specifically tailored to secure the successful completion of your project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction work.

Our experts for factory acceptance test (FAT) services offer buyers, owners and operators a full range of factory acceptance testing services, including:

  • Check for completeness

  • Verification against contractual requirements

  • Proof of functionality by either a conventional function test or by simulation

  • Final Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is a relevant service to ensure the safe transportation and quality of delivered goods. As many countries require that imported products are in compliance with regional, national and international safety standards, pre-shipment inspection can verify client conformity with all requirements.

Our experts support your project with the following services prior to transportation to the final destination.

  • Visual inspection of quality and quantity.

  • Dimensional Inspection.

  • Documentation check including test reports, mill test certificates, ISO certificates and packing list.

  • Inspection of packaging and marking.

  • Detailed report and Documentation within the shortest time.

Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, – project monitoring and control are essential for its success.

Our experts support you with the following services in order for a successful project

  • Negotiations and consultancy

  • Quality review and control

  • Cost control

  • Programs and progress, including milestone monitoring

  • Detailed reporting, including photographs

  • Identification of risks, providing early warnings

  • Supervision during manufacturing and commissioning

  • Material testing

  • Site inspections

Vendor assessment is a service to ensure that vendors comply with the client’s requirements especially regarding quality and that manufacturing processes are in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. Extensive vendor evaluation helps you to analyze potential and existing vendors and thereby improve your business performance. The assessment encompasses the audit and inspection of the following areas at the vendor:

  • Quality management

  • Structures and procedure

  • Personnel and qualification

  • Manufacturing processes / standard operating procedures

  • Workshop facilities and techniques

  • Engineering

  • Material and product control

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

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